Last weekend I went to a crazy awesome hippy gathering at my friend’s family’s property in Quillota where they have an avocado orchard, a ceramics workshop, a cactus garden, an ecological pool (a pool filtered by plants and fish), a sweatlodge, and various structures made out of cob. I spent most of my time helping out with the food preparation, set up, and vending of food, but also got the chance to make a bunch of new friends, lots of whom do bioconstruction (building with recycled or natural materials) en the cerros of Valparaíso for people whose houses were burnt down during the huge fire that happened in April of this year. Super buena onda! (In english, super good vibes!) I camped out in a nice stand of pine trees on the property for two nights and got some quality time away from the city and among the presence of wonderful, open, positive people. To make the situation even better, we all realized that I had actually heard about this place from a friend I met in Panama on Isla Pastor at the Maya Point Project, where my friend Daniel Cherniske was working at the time with Erick Meza. It turns out Erick had showed me photos of the same place when I had told him I was going to Chile, and I had wanted to ask him for contact info but decided I would find my own way in Chile. I found my way alright, right to the place that I had wanted to!!! I hope to go back and visit the family soon, as they are absolutely way too nice to not go back!!! Below is a picture of me, Brian and Pedro, in the midst of selling empanadas, hard boiled eggs, sandwiches, fresh juices, and various other delicious treats!