Chile is the latin american country with the highest number of Palestinian refugees, around 500,000, which makes it very prone to (and accustomed to) pro-Palestinian propaganda. It is interesting though because just as the United States is accustomed to Israeli propaganda, Chile is accustomed to this, yet the tone of the propaganda is much, much different. Most is limited to calling for peace in Palestine instead of attempting to justify actions of Hamas like Israelis try to justify the actions of the Israeli Defense Forces. And while some of this activism fringes on what some would call anti-semitism, the vast majority of the pro-Palestine statements in this country are simply calling for peace. This sign says: “I am not indifferent, Palestine makes hurt. Enough already!” -Basta Ya! is an originally Italian anarchist group that has spread to many countries including the US and Chile, and carry out any number of different activist tactics from these sign hangings to street shutdowns and more direct actions.

Interesting realities about the culture here, thanks for reading!

-Lee K-U