Cupcake with honey... and a book.... and some money... and yeah my table is a mess.

Cupcake with honey… and a book…. and some money… and yeah my table is a mess.

It may be a little difficult for some of you to understand the relevance of the title, but I assure you it makes sense. You see, the culture here in Chile is to spoil the kids, but that doesn’t mean giving them lots of sweets, it means doing everything for them. My host brother, 20 years old, has never done his own laundry, cooked for himself, or had chores of any kind. In addition to that, his mother bakes him these cupcakes so that he can go and sell them at school to his friends and keep the money for himself!!! She does all the work and sees none of the profit!! 

Now this is not to say that my parents don’t do wondrous things for me, especially my mother who has helped me financially in innumerable ways, but I feel like at the very least they both have helped me to understand the value of a dollar over the years and enabled me to take care of myself in ways that I don’t think my host brothers could possibly imagine. This is definitely a case of culture shock, but jeeesus the river runs deep, my other host brother who lives in Santiago alone, 25 years old, gets a weeks worth of food delivered to his apartment by my mom every week, and I assume it’s because he really just doesn’t know how to cook/is too lazy/has become accustomed to his mom doing everything for him. My question is, at what age is she going to stop and tell them that they’re on their own???

Adjusting to my host mom’s style of doing things is definitely difficult, I can barely walk out of the house without her trying to open the door for me… Culture shock to the maxxxx. 

Until next time, much love and thanks for reading!

-Lee K-U