At the behest of my wonderful friend Mackinley, I am starting blogging in a style that involves less pressure, I’ll do one photo a day with a short little reflection on the day. It should be good for me, and for you, whoever you may be šŸ˜€

Reflection: Got a message from my friend Lenore at 11 pm last night asking if I wanted to go hiking today at 7 am, said yes, and there I was. We entered the park from an unknown route, and the bus dropped us 13 kilometers from the entrance… Hitchiked a little ways with two different rides (this was the countryside so it was pretty safe), walked about 4 kilometers, and there we were! I had joked earlier that we could climb over the mountains and exit the other side where the bus stop was 1 km from the park entrance, but dismissed the idea only to have the park ranger suggest it to us seriously since it was a 13 km hike to the nearest bus stop and only 15 km to the other side. We ended up doing it, hiking through the only existing endemic palm tree forest in Chile (most palms in other countries are african palms i think), and ended up doing around 25 km with all the public transit/confusion involved. My feet hurt (might need to buy actual hiking shoes instead of the 3 year old skateboard shoes I used today), I didn’t do my homework, but I had a wonderful time with two wonderful individuals, and I have no regrets!!

Love to you all,

Lee K-U

Palmas y montaƱas!!!!

Palmas y montaƱas!!!!